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These Ischia paintings are collage, PVA and oil paint on canvas, 3 ft x 4ft, based on observations of the villages & scenery on the island in the Bay of Naples. There is a series of six, four of which are illustrated here. £3,000 each, delivered to your address. The carborundum collagraphs were made several years after the paintings.

'Mountains & Sea' painting 36" x 48"

'Aquatic tunnels' painting 36" x 48"

'Aquatic tunnels' carborundum collagraph 21"x18"

'Dwelling & Small Garden' painting 36" x 48"

'Dwelling & Small Garden' carborundum collagraph 21"x18"

'Ischia' painting 36" x 48"

'Ischia' 21"x18"

'Peninsula' painting 36" x 48"

'Roofs, doors & windows' painting 36" x 48"

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