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The destruction of the WTC

map of location

Plan with power outage

The layer of dust

Dust clouds, energy need for it

Following damage by fire and explosion

The following buildings WTC 7 und WTC 3

WTC 6 explodes at the top
WTC 2 top pulverized from below
WTC 2 new explosions
WTC 2 collapses
Collateral Damage
WTC 1 chronology of the collapse
Scheme collaps WTC 1 and WTC 2
Assumed ...
Comparision Murrah-Building Oklahoma
Controlled Demolition

Comparision Kingdome Seattle

Figures for fires in steel industry
Floorlayer construction
Damages at WTC 1 and 2 before the collapse
Pilot Quiz
WTC 1 The North Tower Phase 1
WTC 1 The hole at the north side
WTC 1 facade hardly penetrated
WTC 1 other perspective
WTC 1 quite close with details
Construction of the facade
WTC 1 More smoke than fire
WTC 2 The South Tower Phase 1
WTC 2 places of fire balls, perspective from above
WTC 2 fire balls and smoke clouds north east
WTC 2 fire balls from east and north east
WTC 2 opposite fire balls from west
WTC 2 fire ball south scheme
WTC 2 three little holes
WTC 2 the 3 holes enlarged
WTC 2 the 3 holes with Boeing silhouette
North and South tower in comparision similiar to each other
WTC 2 origins of smoke, flames
WTC 2 the north east corner
The Pentagon
Pentagon Explosiona fire ball
Pentagon smoke, facade still standing
Pentagon after collapse of facade
Pentagon, offices OK
Pentagon satellite photo
Real plane damages for comparision
Building with proven plane damages
Comparision damages of impacts

The crashdown site in Pennsylvania

Comparision plane parts

The official amateur videos
AV 1 - too low question
AV 1 - too low answer
AV 2 slipplane chronology
AV 2 slipplane details
AV 3 slipplane and "UFO" flight
AV 3 slipplane and "UFO" explosion
Passengers and suspects
Flight AA11
Flight AA77
Flight UA175
Flight UA93
stock market crash before 9-11
stocks from assurance companies
stocks of airlines