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Walks near Pontresina 1805m

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is in the Upper Engadine (or Inn Valley) not far up the side valley which goes to the Bernina Pass & ultimately, over to Poschiavo & Italy, Tirano being the 1st Italian town at the head of the Val Tellina.

How to get there

Go to Zürich (by train or air). Take a train to Chur & change to the Rhaetische Bahn to Samedan in the Engadine. Change for the short journey to Pontresina. This is just about possible in one day from London St. Pancras by train.

When you
get there
... need somewhere to stay. I have stayed twice in the
Hotel Post (web site in German), not that cheap but good food, taking my Father in 1984 & by myself in 2011. There are many other hotel options. This is a Romansch-speaking area, so don't be surprised by the names & Pontresina is sometimes spelt Puntreschina on signs. The hotels now issue compulsory 'bus passes' which cover all trains, buses & string railways in the whole Upper Engadine, so 'purist walking' such as I usually do is not on the agenda & the later walks recognise this!

General map of the area - there are bigger maps by the trips

Maps (not to scale) from the Official Map of the Automobil-Club der Schweiz, which is on this link, (with their permission).

The walk up the Val Roseg

Fuorcla Surlej

Piz Languard

To Poschiavo

Muottas Muragl

Source of the Inn

Views from the Diavolezza

The town has a web site of its own

Hit this link to e-mail the village tourist office.

You will need LK 5013, the combined map for the Oberengadin.

I have done all these walks myself. For wintry types, there is some skiing, but I have not done any here. I have arbitrarily divided the walks between ones done in 1984, when I had no camera & ones done in 2011. So the earlier photos are either ones I took in 2011, from when we drove over the pass in 2006 (on a Lake Como trip) or ones ripped off the web. Since my first visit, the town has been blessed with a by-pass, so the main street is largely pedestrianised, although the odd delivery truck or bus is evident.

The older (Northerly) part of Pontresina from near the station.

Hotel Post (left)

(Below) Pontresina Church

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