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'The Delaforce Family History' Chapter 42 Fortun & Aurea

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Chapter 42

Allah is He Who makes feeble the plans and stratagem of the Unbelievers. (Koran 8:18)

Fortun & Aurea

Fortun was the son of Garcia Iniguez, King of Pamplona and Urraca de Giménez, see the previous chapter. His brother Sancho & sister Jimena are also Delaforce ancestors. Fortun Garces was king only in name, as he had had to spend 20 years as a hostage in Cordova when the Moors had been able to put a squeeze on Navarre. Consequently, he had no administrative experience & Garcia Jimenez actually ran the kingdom until 890. After ten years, Fortun, also nicknamed 'the One-eyed', abdicated to become a monk in 901. That he married a Moor, Aurea, suggests the usual political marriage but they clearly rubbed along well enough to produce at least four children. His trees are below:-

García Iñiguez I King of Pamplona, Duke of Gascony fr 864 (?810 - ?882) = Urraca de Giménez

Fortun Garces de NAVARRE 'The Monk' King of Navarre 880 (830 - 908?) became a monk in 901 = (845) Aurea bint LOPE (abt 825? - ?) descended from the Prophet Mohammed, see below

See next family tree below

Sancho Garcés of Leon = ?

Aznar Sanchez de LARRON (845? - ?) = (880) Oneca Fortunez de Navarre (847? - ?)

See this link

Jimena Garces de Navarre (bfr 858 - ?) = (870) Alfonso III "el Magno" (848 - 20/12/910) King of Asturias, see the Goths in chapter 44

See chapter 51

Oneca Inigo de Pamplona

Velasquita Garcés de Pamplona = Mutarrif Ibn Musa of Huesca of the Banu Qasi (? - 873 Córdoba crucified)

Fortun Garces, 'The Monk' & King of Navarre 

Fortun Garces de NAVARRE 'The Monk' King of Navarre 880 (830 - 908?) became a monk in 901 = (845) Aurea (various spellings) bint LOPE (abt 825? - ?) descended from the Prophet Mohammed, see below

Oneca Fortunez de Navarre (847? - ?) = 1. (863- divorced) Abd Allah I Emir of Cordoba (11/1/844 - 16/10/912)

Muhammed II of Cordoba (killed by his father) = Mary

Ultimately, more Spanish nobility


= 2. (880) Aznar Sanchez de Larron (845? - ?)

Toda Aznarez de Larron (885? - aft 970) = Sancho I Garces 'Optimo Imperator' (885 - 11/12/925 San Esteban de Resa)

see this link below

Sancha Aznárez de Aragón = Jimeno Garces (? - 931)

see this link

= 3. Aznar II Count of Aragon 867-892 (? - 893)

See this link

Inigo Fortunez de Navarre = Sancha Garces (? - 960) 1st husband see above

Fortun Iniguez Garces de Pamplona


Oria = Munio Garces

Luopa = Sancho Lopez de Araquil

Aznar Fortun de Pamplona = ?NN

Fortun Aznar de Pamplona "el Huerfano" = ?NN

García Fortun de Cabanas

Lope died young

In our search for Delaforce ancestors, it seemed sensible at this stage to examine anyone with a name such as Forte, Fortun etc (Fortun hunting) & this is how we met the Banu Qasi.

Two names leap off the page at us: Musa ibn Fortun & Mohammed the Prophet. What has been going on? Perhaps we should start with Queen Aurea of Navarre & the story of how some of the Goths running Spain at the time of the invasion by the Moors coped:-

The fascinating Banu Qasi

Aurea, Queen of Navarre’s grandfather was Musa ibn Fortun. He was the quarter-Arab Governor of Saragossa, the chief of the Banu Qasi who were Muslim converts of Basque & Visigoth origin. This group were founded by his great-grandfather, Cassius of Meark, a Visigoth. When Musa ben Nusier al-Bekir occupied the Ebro Valley during the Moorish invasion, Cassius, who was a smart politician, pragmatically converted to Islam in 714, with the intention of retaining power locally. He clearly managed to protect the Asturian rump of the Visigoth kingdom, see the Goths chapter below.

The Banu Qasi were centred on Zaragosa & controlled the Ebro Valley. It seems that they paid precious little attention to the central Moorish authority of al Andalus, where fratricidal scraps weakened its authority. Al Andalus is what the Moors called Spain, in tribute to the Vandals who only occupied Suthern Spain for 20 years. The alliegeance of the Banu Qasi wassubject of a later chapter.

Musa ibn Fortun effectively founded half of what was to become the Kingdom of Navarre, to who's kings the Banu Qasi were related & which kept its independence by a mixture of diplomacy & military alliances, both with the Basques, who with reason still regard Navarre as theirs & with the Mosarabs (non-converted Christian subjects of the Moors, not actually Arabs). In fact, the Cordova regime had to call upon Musa, after fighting with him for decades, to clear the Normans out of the Spanish river systems they had invaded. By 850, Musa was being called the 'Third King of Spain' & his son Lope ibn Musa was installed as a Consul in Toledo. However, Banu Qasi power collapsed soon after, as King Ordoño I attacked and beat Musa in 859 at Clavijo.

Musa ibn Fortun seems always to have thought of himself as a Goth but his mother was descended from the prophet Mohammed according to most Sunni scholars, although the Shia will not have it that Zainab, Ruqayya and Umm Kulthoom were other than nieces of Khadija, Mohammed's wife. A few Sunni scholars believe that the girls were Khadija's daughters by her first marriage. We stick to the majority opinion.

Ruqayya's husband Uthman was the 3rd Caliph. He was murdered and his body thrown on a dung-heap. After the death of Mohammed, the Moslems were almost immediately at each other throats & this is why there is a split between the Sunnis & the Shias.

Lope ibn Musa was the father of Queen Aurea, who married Fortun Garces, King of Navarre (857 - 908?). Lope ibn Musa's son Mutarrif (the younger) managed a short resurgeance of Banu Qasi power. We take this story further below, when discussing Sacho Garces, the 'Optimo Imperator'

The Muslims

Muhammed Prophet of Allah (570 - 8/6/632 poisoned) = Khadija bint Khuwaylid

Ruqayyah bint Muhammed (598? - 623?) = Uthman ibn Affan 3rd Caliph (?574 - 656 murdered)

Aisha bint Uthman = Marwan I Caliph of Damascus (624? - 685?)

daughter of Marwan I of Damascus = Musa ben Nuseir al-Bekir

Abdul Aziz (abt 670 - abt 717) Governor of Egypt, then King of Spain = Egilona Visigoth princess, see chapter 45, tree 6

Aisha (?715 - ?)










Cassius Fortunius Count of Meark Founder of the Banu Qasi converted 714 (?685 - ?) a Visigoth = ?NN

Fortun Ibn Qasi Fortunius (?710 - ?)

Aisha (?715 - ?) = Fortun ibn Qasi Fortunius (?710 - ?)

Musa I ibn Fortun Chief of the Banu Qasi (?750 - ?) = ? 1st husband, 2nd was Iñigo Jimenez

Musa II (?785 - 26/9/862) Chief of the Banu Qasi = Assona INIGUEZ (Daughter of Inigo Jimenez)

Lope ibn Musa = Ayab Al-Bulatiya

Aurea (Oria) (abt 825 - ?) = Fortun Garces King of Navarre (857 - 908?)

See above

Mutarrif ben Lope (? - 907) = daughter de Pallars

Ismael ben Musa

Mutarrif Ibn Musa of Huesca (? - 873 Córdoba crucified) = Velasquita Garcés de Pamplona

see above

Fortun ben Musa

Goths are beginning to appear in the family tree & we shall examine them in the next three chapters.

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