Traveller’s Tales - Bath 17/7/2022

Traveller's Tales 2022 - Norway Trip

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A trip to Bath to vists Niece Zoi 17/7/2022 - 20/7/2022

Going out Sunday 17th July 2022

Somewhat hot but not as bad as they say it will be. However, by going West, we should escape the worst of the heat of London. We left at 10:40 & I drove slowly, stopping at Heston & Reading Services before coming off the M4 & toddling along the A4, pissing off other drivers by not exceeding 40mph. We stopped in the lay-by below the West Kennet Long Barrow, where Avis stayed listening to Radio 3 while I slogged up the hill to the Barrow, had a look in it & took several photos below.

The Long Barrow on the horizon

The entrance to the Barrow


From the Barrow - Silbury Hill

Then, we went to Avebury to see the Stone Circle. It was quite a hike for Avis from the car park to the National Trust place. More photos to upgrade the 1st talk in my European History series some time.

The Southern Causeway

The Circle

The Circle

Monday 18th July 2022

The night spent in the Bath Holiday Inn. We had difficulty with the air-conditioning & lighting but eventually got off to sleep. Breakfast at about 08:20, a good buffet. We had no difficulty with the parking machine, nor getting to Zoi’s. Zoi is running her Greek food Import business. We had not planned anything, so I thought to go to Berkeley Castle, although the history lecture stuff involved has been passed. The photos will come in for the 2nd round, if any! We drove up the side roads &, as expected, it did get hot. I put the car’s air-conditioning on & off, to prevent Avis either boiling or freezing all day. This hammered our fuel consumption, though. The castle was neither NT or English Heritage, so it cost 39 to get us all in but it was interesting & since one of the Berkeleys was much involved in the Navy in the 17th & 18th Centuries, there were some big naval action paintings. It was a very attractive building as well.

Berkeley Castle

Zoi & Avis at Berkeley

Civil War cannons & gardens


More Courtyard


Courtyard entry gate

Then, I drove to Purton to take photos of the Gloucester Ship Canal, which has sideways swinging bridges but even so, the maximum size of ship was 650 GRT. This gets round the huge tide in the Severn. Then, we went back to Bath on different side roads, with big views West. There was relatively cheap petrol at Wotton-under-Edge, so I filled up.

Painting of the Castle

The canal South from Purton

The canal East from Purton

Tuesday 19th July 2022

Tuesday was a tiny bit cooler than Monday, unlike the rest of the country. All we did was go to Bradford on Avon for lunch & home on Wednesday.

That is us ©Zoi

Traveller's Tales 2022 - Norway Trip

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