London (Hampstead) U3A - Wednesday European History Talks

Timetable updated 17/3/2020

We meet on Wednesday mornings at 11:40 in Room 2.21 in the Old Town Hall.

We suggest you bookmark this page which is always up-to-date. Talks are given by Ken Baldry.

Spring Term 2020
Mar 18th

Summer Term 2020???

No idea
The dates here
are likely to be
a moveable feast.

Autumn Term 2020

Iberia 1109 - 1217? 'Fraid not. U3A in London suspended for the Coronavirus'.
The first talk after the panic is over will be a special ‘Catch-Up’
to remind the group of the state of Europe in the 12th Century.

Catch-up on the 12th Century
Iberia 1109 - 1217
The Kingdom of Jerusalem & 3rd Crusade
12th Century 3
The Worst Crime of the Middle Age & King John of England
More Crusades
Points East - The rise of the Mongols, their conquests in Asia & invasion of Europe
Scandinavia & France to 122
King Henry III of England with something about Art & Matthew Paris
Iberia 1212 - 1285
Traders - The Hanseatic League & Marco Polo, part one
More Mongols & Marco Polo, part two

Contact: Ken Baldry at 17 Gerrard Road, Islington, London N1 8AY Telephone +44(0)20 7359 6294 or e-mail him
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