U3A in London (Hampstead) - Wednesday European History Talks

Timetable updated 19/12/2022

We meet on Wednesday mornings at 11:40 in Room 2.21 in the Old Town Hall.

We suggest you bookmark this page which is always up-to-date. Talks are given by Ken Baldry.

Spring Term 2023

Mar 1st

94. Suleiman the Magnificent

Mar 8th

95. Elizabeth I of England & Philip II of Spain, to the Armada

Mar 15th

96. Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand & France. The Catholic Church & French Wars of Religion with music

Mar 22th

97. More about matters Religious. More French Wars, contemporary religious beliefs, science & Titian

Mar 29nd

98. Elizabeth I of England & Philip II of Spain, part Two

Summer Term 2023

Apr 26th

99. The Baltic & East from the later 16th Century. More Astronomy, Sweden & Poland & Russia's Time of Troubles

May 3rd

100. Art in the later 16th Century: Corregio, Anguissola, Fontana, Longhi, Galizia & Caravaggio

May 10th

101. The small states of Italy, the Turks after Suleiman

May 17th

102. History of Italian Opera. A broad sweep from 1598 to 1985 with plenty of music

May 24th

103. The Thirty Years War 1618 - 1648. The run-up in France, Netherlands & Sweden, then, the horror

May 31st

104. Early Stuarts in England. Elizabethan Poor Law, James I & IV, Charles I's early reign

June 7th

105. Peter Paul Rubens with contemporary music

June 14th

106. France & Spain early 17thC

June 21sth

107. Points East 17thC. Russia, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth & Turks

June 28th

108. Rembrandt, the greatest painter with contemporary music

July 5th

109. England under Charles I. From 1628, through the 11 Years Tyranny to 1642

July 12th

110. Civil War in England. The First War from 1642 to 1646

Autumn Term 2023

Sep 20th

111. The English Civil War part 2. The Second War, the trial & execution of Charles I & the war in Ireland

Sep 27th

112. Venice and Turks - The protracted war over Crete, other contributors & knock-on effects.

Oct 4th

113. England - The Commonwealth and Restoration

Oct 11th

114. The Spanish Artists El Greco & Velasquez - El Greco was Greek but worked mainly in Spain.

Oct 18th

115. Western Europe 1650-1668 - Mostly France, Spain, the Dutch, Portugal & a bit about England

Oct 25th

116. Switzerland from 1291 - 1653 - From the founding of the Eydtgnosschafft to the Hüttwil League.

Nov 1st

117. East from 1645, West from 1667 to 1674 & some more art by Vermeer.

Nov 8th

118. The Dutch Golden Age - Dutch artists: Hals & Ruysdael, with contemporary music.

Nov 15th

119. Scandinavia and England - 1660 -1699 in Scandinavia, King Charles II in England & more Science.

Nov 22nd

120. Henry Purcell 1659 - 1695 - The greatest English composer & at that time, the greatest living composer

Nov 29th

121. Europe 1664 - 1690 -Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, the Turks, Russia & back to France

Dec 6th

122. Stuarts: James II, Willian’n Mary

Spring Term 2024 soon

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