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.....which they are willing to give to societies & U3As in the London area & on Cruise Ships.

The talks are given with images projected by a video projector (they can bring one if needed) or to a modern, flat-screen telly attached to their laptop computers. Some of the talks also have built-in musical examples &, if your premises does not have one, Ken can bring a decent portable speaker system.

If you would like them to give a talk, contact them by e-mail on this link or by telephone on 020 7359 6294.

As they are crumblies, they do not have travel expenses in the London Freedom Pass area & do not charge for talks. They have given talks to the University of the Third Age, two mental health charities, old peoples' clubs, clubs for the disabled & on cruise ships.

Most talks are available in one-hour versions () & many, also in three-quarter hour (cruise ship length) versions ().
Remember to leave time for questions when you pick a length!

History Talks

Ancient History

1. Pre-historic Britain to 60 BC

Correcting some of the rubbish we were taught at school about us being woad-covered savages.

2. Egypt to 1525BC

From the Stone Age to the New Kingdom.

3. The Fertile Crescent

From the Stone Age to Cyrus the Persian.

4. Egypt from 1525BC to 525BC

From the New Kingdom to the last native Pharaoh.

5. Early Greece to 479BC

From the Stone Age to beating the Persians.

6. The Phoenicians and Carthage to 264BC

7. The Jews

From 1,800BC to 4BC.

Ancient History

8. Greece from 479BC to Alexander the Great

From the Stone Age to beating the Persians.

Greece & Rome

9. Early Rome to 202BC

From the founding through into the Republic.

10. The consequences of Alexander the Great

From his death to 30BC in Syria and Egypt.

11. Rome from 202BC to 44BC

The Republic destoys itself.

12. Augustus from 44BC & the Empire to 37AD

The beginning of the Empire.

13. Romans and the Conquest of Britain

From Julius Caesar to Agricola's 'pacification' efforts.

14. Caligula to Nero. Rome from 37 to 64

15. Christianity until the end of the Western Roman Empire

Origins and history, including schisms and persecutions

16. Rome from 64 to 98

17. The Good Emperors and bad things 98 to 193

18. The Severans and anarchy. Rome 193 to 270)

19. The Roman Empire Recovers 270 - 368

20. The Fall of the Western Roman Empire

...from about 370 - 476AD

The Dark Ages

21. Dalriada and Alba

Scotland from after the Western Roman Empire to King David I

22. King Arthur

Fact, legend and Music, not quite the same as the Music talk version.

23. Dark Age England from King Arthur to 800

24. Franks and Goths

Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal after the fall of the Western Roman Empire until about 714AD

25. The Eastern Roman Empire from the Fall of the West to 628

26. Islam arrives

...from Mohammed to the fall of the Umayyads in 750AD

27. The Greek (Byzantine) Empire from 628 to 750

28. Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire to 924

29. Italy from the Fall of Rome to 967

Into the Middle Ages

30. England from 800 until the Norman Conquest

31. Greeks and Arabs from 780 to 888

32. The Vikings from 792 to 1060

33. Venice to 1162

34. Spain from 759 to 1109

35. Greeks and Arabs from 888 to 1072

36. France from 920 & Holy Roman Empire to 1025

37. Forgotten Peoples

More about some peoples mentioned in passing in other talks:
Burgundians; Gepids; some other Germans; Lombards and the Normans in Italy.

38. The Normans in England from 1066 to 1135

39. From 1027 and 1st Crusade

40. Scotland from David I to David II

41. 12th Century Part 1

After the 1st Crusade, Hungary, the Holy Roman Empire & the Byzantine Empire to 1146.

42. 12th Century Part 2

The English Anarchy, Louis VII of France, 2nd Crusade, Spain & Portugal to about 1160

43. Holy Orders

44. King Henry II of England

45. Iberia 1109 - 1217

The little kingdoms of Spain and Portugal against the Moors.

46. The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the 3rd Crusade

47. 12th Century Part 3

Russia, Poland, Hungary, The Greeks, Venice, Iberia & England to 1199

48. The Worst Crime of the Middle Ages

The German Crusade, the German Civil War, the criminal 4th Crusade & Latin Empire, Hungary Bulgaria & King John of England.

49. More Crusades

50. Germany 1200 - 1298

51. Points East

The rise of the Mongols, their conquests in Asia & invasion of Europe

52. Scandinavia & France to 1229

...with civil wars & the Albigensian Crusade•

53. King Henry III of England

...with something about Art & Matthew Paris

54.Iberia 1212 - 1285

55. Traders

The Hanseatic League & Marco Polo, part one

56. More Mongols & Marco Polo, part two

57. The Eastern Front 1240 - 1339

Russia, Poland, Hungary, the Byzantines and the Tartars

58. King Edward I of England & King Philip IV of France

59. Scandinavia to 1375

60. Iberia 1285 to 1350ish

61. England & the 100 years War, part One

62. Scandinavia 1340 - 1470

63. 100 Years War after the Black Death 1350 - 1380

64. The Holy Roman Empire etc 1328 to 1420ish

The Holy Roman Empire, Bohemia, Hungary, Poland & their connexions in Italy.

65. Religion & other Troubles 1400 - 1480

Popes & anti-Popes, Jan Hus, the Kingdom of Naples & early Renaissance Art

66. Timur, Russia, Lithuania & Hussites 1370 - 1437

...or Tamerlaine & did you have any idea how important Lithuania would become?

67. England and France from 1360 - 1396

68 England and France 1396 - 1415

69. Agriculture & other popular culture

Farming, markets, football, literacy and science

70. England's downfall in France 1415 - 1453

Defeat in the 100 Years War

The Renaissance

71. Northern Italy and Empires

The little City States of Northern Italy, Venice, Serbia, Switzerland, the Eastern Front & the Fall of Constantinople

72. Iberia 15thC

The Moors are in a box & the Portuguese go exploring by sea.

73. The Dreadful reign of Henry VI of England

...and the Wars of the Roses until the apparent Yorkist victory.

74. France, Burgundy & Russia

The struggle of Burgundy to re-create Lotharingia. Russia grows up & Poland rises

75. Stewart Scotland from David II to James VI and I 1371 - 1603

76. The Wars of the Roses part two

King Edward IV, King Richard III, King Henry VII wins but struggles with revolts

77. East Europe, Russia & Italy

Poland, Hungary, Bohemia & the rise of Russia, Naples & Italy, Turks & the French invasion of Italy.

78. The Renaissance-1

Petrarch, Boccaccio, Campin, van Eyck, van der Weyden, Memling, Petrus Chritus, Masaccio, Brunelleschi & Piero della Francesca

79. Iberia from 1460 - 1500

Portugal & Spain. The navigators go to sea from Bristol, Portugal & Columbus.

80. The Renaissance-2

Uccelo, Lippi, da Messina, Botticelli with music by Binçois & Ockeghen

The Early Modern period

81. Leonardo da Vinci

The Universal Genius

82. Iberia, Italy and Habsburgs

The Portuguese Empire, the Habsburgs move on Spain, Italian wars, Switzerland, Venice & the Borgias

83. Scandinavia 1470 - 1533 and England 1500 - 1521

The breaking of the Kalmar Union & King Henry VII of England

84. Dürer & Raphael

The German print-maker & the 'Marmite' painter

85. Michaelangelo & the rebuilding of St.Peter's, Rome

86. East Europe 1457 - 1530ish

87. God problems

The lead up to, & the early Reformation to 1531

88. King Henry VIII of England

89. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V to 1540

90. Loose ends from the early 16th Century

Portugal. The Spanish in South America. Ongoing religious wars.

91. The later Tudors

Edward IV & Mary

92. Lucas Cranach

Mostly 'the Elder'

93.Ivan the Terrible

94. Suleiman the Magnificent

The Ottoman Sultan

95. Elizabeth I of England & Philip II of Spain

(in preparation)

Stand-alone Talks

The Thirty Years War 1618 - 1648  

A dreadful period of history not generally covered in British schools.

The North-West Passage

The fascinating search over nearly four centuries for a quick route to China.

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