London (Hampstead) U3A - Topical Topics Timetable updated 6-4-2017

"Topical Topics" meet on Wednesday mornings at 11:30 in Room 2.21 during term time.

We suggest you bookmark this page, as the programme is subject to change. This page is always up-to-date.

Summer Term 2017
April 26th 2017
May 3rd 2017
May 10th 2017
May 17th 2017
May 24th 2017
May 31st 2017
June 7th 2017
June 14th 2017
June 21st 2017
June 28th 2017
July 5th 2017
July 12th 2017
Autumn Term 2017
Sept 27th 2017
Oct 4th 2017

Dementia - the latest
Berlioz & the Romantic Imagination
The Nation State - 1
Journey from Alsace
The Nation State - 2
The North-West Passage
The 'M' Room
Circles, a charity rehabilitating sex offenders
Psychological differences between men & women
The Waltz 1815-1915
From Amsterdam to Spitalfields
Indian Music

Bartok & Folk Modernism
Further Education

family history
WWII intelligence
jewish history


Dr. Richard Perry
Ken Baldry
Jim Eardley
Avis Saltsman
Jim Eardley
Ken Baldry
Helen Fry
Jan Thompson
Catherine Osborn
Ken Baldry
Stephen Barry
Shafeeq Siddiqui

Ken Baldry
Ian Ashman

Anyone wanting to offer future talks, please contact Ken Baldry on U3A in London is on this link.

Catherine's essay on possible talks ideas is on this link.

Contact: Ken Baldry at 17 Gerrard Road, Islington, London N1 8AY Telephone +44(0)20 7359 6294 or e-mail him
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