This was for the 2000 election campaign. Ken did not try to stand in 2004 as Ken Livingstone was doing a good job

Now the people have declared their support, London needs a

Labour candidate for Mayor selected by the People for the People

& not by a secret cabal in Millbank Tower....and that's the way it was to be done.
Ken attended a short-listing meeting on Tuesday 16th November, when only a few realistic supporters expected him to be long-listed.
In fact, the windy lot did not short-list him but he is leaving this web site up, so people can compare his proposals, both with the manifestos & the actions (if any) of the actual Mayor, Ken Livingstone.

Ken is seen here on the right with his wife,
Avis at a Labour fund-raising event in February 1998.

Tribute Time

Although this campaign did not succeed, Ken would like to record his thanks to his supporters & campaign team

(& especially to say 'chin up' to the latter - Ken's next campaign is to be President of Britain)
with special mentions to:-

My wife, Avis, who has given rock-solid support & a lot of time
my Deputy Mayor running mate Jennette Arnold, who has been lucky enough to become a Member of the GLA
my designated Mayor's Legal Advisor Georgette Djaba
my designated Mayor's Webmaster Tony Gunnersen,
'the gang': Richard Williams, Louis Berk & Aysin Behchit and

the Internet itself, without which Ken could not have contemplated going for this job.
The next Internet candidate could succeed, as by the next election, most people will have access through TV-set top digital boxes.

Hit this for a 1MB download of my Mayor Campaign Diary if you want to know exactly what went on.

Who is Ken Baldry?

What will he do?


What's wrong with other touted candidates?


Some of the other candidates seem to have access to big money funding. In the old days, you could not buy your way to office in the Labour Party. It would be a shame if it should be possible to do so now. All the others have access to research assistants - I don't. I have written this site entirely myself. Any assistance or money would be welcomed to help me compete effectively. Please write to the papers telling them what a great Mayor I would make.

The Greater London Authority Bill

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