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Potted Biography

At 21 member of a modern group taking over Manchester Academy of Fine Arts annual show.

Taught adults in Shropshire using the same revolutionary methods and founded first pre-school playgroup outside London.

Has taught all age groups using art as a stimulus to good learning and taken part in community arts wherever she’s lived while keeping up own practice as a painter.

While bringing up a family and teaching full time studied for Part One of a London University Honours Degree in education and art, took the examinations competing with full time students and produced exhibition of new artwork gaining a secondment to study for Part Two. In 1976 was awarded the 4th Year Degree after ten written papers and another exhibition of new work.

Founder member of and librarian to the Artists’ Union 1972-82 which developed six branches throughout Britain.
Donated minutes, magazines and campaigning papers to the Tate. Made a donor for life with free entry.
Learned screen printing from Erasmo Hernandez who was a student with Leger in Paris.
NUT president for the Borough of Hillingdon 1984. a thousand members in the branch.
As volunteer at the Tate Archive for seven years, with four others created three thousand artists’ files.

For six years chaired the community campaign which rebuilt the area behind Islington Green to create flats, a garden, gym, swimming pool, bookshop and cafes and an underground theatre yet to be opened below new town space for fresh food market.

Since moving to Islington practiced six different printing methods using Ormond Road workshops, occasional courses at Falmouth School of art and her own studio from which she sells prints.

Has two children and four grandchildren.

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