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The Basque

St. Jean de Luz
(Donibane Lohitzun)
& Ciboure

St. Jean Pied de Port
(Donibane Garazi)

La Bastide

les Bains

Passes over
the Pyrenees


To get there from St. Marie, either follow the Urt route to the A64 or go up to the D817, which should be quicker. Head for the centre ville, where there are several car parks for low parking charges. This town has a large number of Basque buildings, with their characteristic red or freen painted woodwork & a large cathedral. It is on the Adour & a nice way to get to it from Urt is along the river bank, if you have time. Old Bayonne it is cut through by the River Nive (a Basque name). There are several museums worth visiting. The town web site is on this link in English.

Down the Nive towards the Adour

The other way with the Market Hall

East of the Market

The Cathedral across the Nive

East end of the Cathedral

Cathedral from the Cloister

Cathedral from the Cloister (back end)

Inside the Cathedral

Stuff in the Basque Museum

A bed in the Basque Museum

Musée Bonnat

The Medieval Chateau

Mairie & River Adour

Driving South
via the Auvergne

Driving South
via La Rochelle

Driving South
via Pont Aven

Our target
St Marie de Gosse

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